Ready to ride? Here is what you need to know.

You will need two forms:

1. A USAWS Event Waiver Form
2. An Eskimo Escapades Registration Form

Collect all pledges in advance and submit them with your registration forms on the morning of the event. There is no advance registration.


Some things you might like to know:

1. Weather

We will ski if it rains. We will ski if it snows. We will ski if it’s Freezing Cold. We’ll even ski on a heat wave!

 2. Freezing

Some of the skiers in past events came back with icicles in their hair. If you freeze, we’ll dump you into a hot tub provided by Aurora Pools Spas to thaw you out. Some people wear wet suits or dry suits, some just wear outlandish costumes to ski. We will have a limited supply of wetsuits compliments of Ski/Scuba Center.

3. Parking

You will be able to park at the City/County Parking Garage across from Volunteer Landing. The L3 deck is open and free to the public on weekends. You should enter the garage from Hill Ave. and take the elevators to L5 for the walkway. The “maps” link on our menu displays several maps, one of which is a US Geological Aerial Survey map that shows the Pedestrian CrossWalk Bridge where you can cross Neyland Drive when going from your parked vehicle to the Volunteer Landing. The Bank of America parking garage is also free as well as the Main Street garage.

4. Changing Clothes

There are two change rooms at Volunteer Landing where you can change from your winter parka, fur-lined hat, gloves and thermal socks into a freezingly skimpy bathing suit. You can also put on a wet-suit in the change room if you wish. Don’t expect it to be very warm though!

5. Age

We have had skiers from age 7 to 70. If you are a minor and have your guardian’s permission, and you have registered properly, you can ski.

6. Participation

If you can ski, wake board, belly board, bare foot, knee board, slalom, etc., and you register for the event – providing at least $30.00 in donations, you can participate. Skiers will ski one lap (1/2 mile) starting and ending at Volunteer Landing. Your tow will be provided by a brand new Malibu or Master Craft tow boat driven by club members.

7. Prizes

Really great ones!

8. Equipment

If you need skis, we will have a few available but we encourage bringing your own. We ask that you don’t bring your own boat. New ski boats are provided by our local sponsors. For safety and insurance reasons we provide the boat crew members who have special training.

9. Donations

Eskimo Escapades Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation with tax-exempt status from the IRS so donations are tax deductible. Note that only the people who donate the money can claim a deduction – not the skier who collects the money. If a skier contributes money out of their own pocket, they can claim that amount for a tax deduction. Eskimo Escapades does not send out tax deduction letters to donors. Donors can use a canceled check to the Eskimo Escapades Foundation as verification of their donation.